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Welcome to Matrix Supplements the home of the OFFICIAL and GENUINE new 2015 range of products including the uk’s best selling pro hormone SD Matrix.

We have expanded and rebranded the complete range making SD Matrix BIGGER and STRONGER it now comes as a 90 capsule product with 12mg of Superdrol per capsule allowing you to do a full hardcore 6 week course of this massive product AND we have kept the price at £39.99. (RRP)

We have now added M1T to the range for the ultra hardcore and Epistane for the first timers out their wishing to experience the greatness of pro hormones without the concern of harsh side effects. Esto Suppress has been renamed as ESTO Matrix which is the perfect PCT after any pro hormone course.

Finally to compliment our hardcore range the perfect ECA, it has all the benefits of being a strong stimulant fat burner with little of the old crash people have come to hate. Try this guys we guarantee you’ll be back for more and it will shred you like never before!!

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