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EPI MATRIX – 90 Capsules – £44.99

EPI Matrix is the ONLY Pro Hormone you should consider taking if you have never taken a Pro Hormone before. It’s the perfect introduction to Pro Hormones. Its Anti estrogen effect mean its very mild on side effects and can be run with little or no On Cycle Support (OCS) and a minimal Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) afterwards. EPI Matrix will help you increase lean muscle whilst stripping your bodyfat. Your recovery times will improve dramatically whilst your strength goes up week on week.

Directions of use:

Dosage for EPI Matrix ranges anywhere from10-60mg/day, and the typical dosage range is 20-40 mg/day. Users typically start with a lower dose, and then slowly work the dosage up over the course of the cycle. Cycle length is typically 4-6 weeks.

EPI Matrix