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MASTERDROL MATRIX BLACK – 60 Capsules – £39,99

Masterdrol MATRIX Black is a very active blend of 2 very popular Pro Hormones and is highly anabolic giving you rapid increases in strength and muscle mass. The gains from Masterdrol MATRIX Black are seen very quick which means that you are going to make strong and consistent gains without to much excess water unlike other pro hormones. Masterdrol MATRIX Black will increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat leaving you feeling huge and lean.

Directions of use:

1 Capsule per serving only. Consume 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 capsule with your evening meal. Consumption with food optimises absorption. Stack with good quality OCS product. NOTE: Milk Thistle is NOT suitable for a strong Pro Hormone blend like this. Finish with a high quality PCT (Natural Test Booster)